Our Story So Far

About Us

The vision behind Cobbler’s Lane is to create clothing that makes women feel beautiful; clothing that can be worn season after season for years to come. All of our pieces are vintage inspired from the 60s and 70s. These timeless silhouettes were created to celebrate femininity and female empowerment. When we feel good, we feel confident to take on the world, and a good outfit can make us feel this way! Everything we make is entirely designed and handmade in Ireland, as it will continue to be.

Monica Walsh Designer of Cobbler's Lane

Inspired by a love of vintage pieces, flowing feminine dresses, florals and life by the sea. 



In 2018 I began making various pieces for friends and family, and in 2019, after moving back to Ireland from Canada, the demand from friends and family grew. I decided to focus on making fashion items full time, and with that Cobbler’s Lane had begun and became my full time job. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life, and I just love the idea and excitement of creating something from nothing. I grew up in a very creative house; my mother is a phenomenal designer, so from a young age I was exposed to her creating wonderful clothes which I would wear whenever I could. My mother taught me how to sew and has always had the mantra of “if it’s not perfect it needs to be corrected”, a mantra which I continue whole-heartedly today with Cobbler’s Lane - quality is absolutely paramount!

You will find Monica sketching designs on napkins on the run, or tucked away in her design studio consumed in the creative process. Her designs are inspired from a love of vintage pieces, flowing feminine dresses, florals and life by the ocean.